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Founded in May 2022, Itutim (Hebrew for signals) is Israel’s first undergraduate journal for Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE).


Led by the students of the Hebrew University’s PPE program, the journal publishes original essays by undergraduate students and strives to be an innovative platform for creative and interdisciplinary writing addressing a wide range of contemporary topics.

The essays published in Itutim make use of the unique analytical skills students develop throughout their undergraduate studies, leading the way for meaningful discourse between both students and academic staff on the issues at the heart of PPE’s Israeli community.

The Hebrew University’s PPE program seeks to develop a new generation of outstanding public leaders and interdisciplinary researchers. The program provides a unique academic perspective by emphasizing the conceptual relationships between the fields of philosophy, economics and politics. The program strives to foster academic excellence and analytical critical thinking amongst their students. Itutim’s is published with the generous support of the Hebrew University PPE department, The S.H. Bergman Center for Philosophical Studies, and the Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel.


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